Life as a digital Avon Rep

This is my story on how I became a digital Avon Rep. I joined Avon in May 2018 as, what I would call, a traditional Avon representative, going door to door distributing the Avon paper brochure. I’m also a Avon sales leader which means I help and support other people to do the same as what I do. My day consisted of retail in the morning, out recruiting in my area in the afternoon and then phoning people who wanted to join Avon and coaching my team in the evening. I had joined a team which specialised in social media marketing but I didn’t consistently take the action that was required.

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Avon Sales Leadership

Avon Sales Leadership in a nutshell means helping others to be as successful as you are by literally showing them what you do as an Avon Representative, it’s that easy!

In doing this, you will grow your Avon business by building your own team! There is no limit to how far you can go in building your own team of Representatives, the more Reps you have in your team, the more your earnings will grow!

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